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Superior Quality Carried On from One Generation to the Next

Our firm began as a husband-and-wife operation founded by Jayne Traver and her husband. Eleven years later, Jayne's daughter Doreen, a decorative painter, joined the continuously growing business. Today, we command 6,000 square feet of quality furniture just for you. When you visit our store, you'll be amazed at your range of factory-built furniture, custom-made options and a nearly unlimited array of finishes.

How We Got Our Start

North Park Woodcraft opened in 1952 as an unpainted furniture and wood lawn ornament shop. Jayne Traver did the finishing and her husband built the furniture. As the business grew they enlarged the building and added some factory produced items. By 1963 her daughter Doreen returned from California and started helping part time. The business continued to expand and soon Doreen was working full time and her husband part time.

By 1975 the business expanded to include manufacturing furniture for the wholesale market. Clyde Miller ran the factory in nearby Staatsburg, shipping to unfinished and finished furniture stores throughout the United States and Canada.

Adding Staining and Finishing Techniques

During the 1980's Doreen and other decorative painting teachers offered a full schedule of classes on painting and stenciling. By 1986 the wholesale operation was discontinued in order to concentrate on fulfilling orders for custom wood pieces. A professional finishing operation was installed and a full range of finish options was now becoming available. Over the years since, choices have expanded to include painted and combination stain/paint or stain/stain finishes, stenciling and hand-painted decorations, faux and antique, also crackled effects. Many requests are for combinations of several techniques.

At this time, North Park Woodcraft's 6,000' showroom displays an ever changing mix of custom and factory built quality furniture and accessory items. All have almost unlimited choices of finishing options.

Custom Furniture Made Just For You

Don't forget: "Custom" can be as simple as a pine bookcase built to size with perhaps a scallop header added, or a sofa/hall table with shaker legs with or without a drawer or two. Or a storage (captain) bed with drawers, to throw a mattress upon.

More categories for inquiry: barstools (with or without backs and or swivels) bars, bunk beds, chairs, desks, computer furniture, chests and dressers, dining tables and chairs, end and coffee tables, kitchen cabinets and tables, hutches and corner hutches/cabinets, shelves, trays, tile top tables, and wardrobes.

Stop in and visit and you will get a chance to talk to some people who love wood and all the things that can be done to bring out its beauty.

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